Saves cost, time, and logistics

Super Mat is a rugged, waterproof flexible blanket for hot service applications. As has been demonstrated by aerogel blanket, the hydrophobic flexible blanket approach saves time, money, and greatly simplifies the logistics of ordering, transporting, and managing the storage space required for rigid insulation.

Super Mat Covers All The Bases

  • The “no-dust” alternative to aerogel blanket.
  • Re-usable, hydrophobic, breathable flexible blanket.
  • Four standard thicknesses – install only what’s needed for thermal efficiency.
  • Available with breathable silicone topcoat which functions as a durable weather barrier.
    • Non-metallic surfaces transfer heat to skin much differently than metal surfaces.
    • Silicone-topcoated Super Mat that, for example, is actually 264F (129C) feels like it is 120F (49C).
    • The low-energy surface (vs. metal) provides the required maximum touch sensation with less thickness than when a metal jacket is used.
    • Where metal jacket is not needed for protection from mechanical abuse or animal attack, save the cost of the metal jacket and achieve personnel protection.